Text: Psalm 103: 1-5, 1 Corinthians 11: 23-29 One of the pillars of life that we must understand is our spiritual life.No matter who you are, when your spiritual life is weak, everything about you will be sick. It represents your coming to the knowledge of Jesus and being born again. (Being born again is not by attending churches, nor being born in the church by a pope or pastor.) And having done that, you begin to seek the life of righteousness-the life to fear God and run away from sin day by day. It also leads you into a life of prayerfulness and fasting while hearing and meditating the Word will lead you to fellowship with people, making it easy for you grow. The second pillar that holds people’s life is their health. Many people prefer to invest in their healing than their health. Facts about your health

  1. Your health is in your hands. Even if you confess you are going to live 100 years, it will never happen until you take your life in your hands.
  1. You need health education, not medication. When you know what to do with your health, you won’t need a doctor.
  1. Your health is what you eat or drink.
  1. Your health will determine how long you will live.
  1. Spoon and knife kill many people than gun and bullets.
  1. When health fails, every other thing takes the back seat in life.
  1. Your health is your true wealth.
  1. You are ninety percent responsible for your health while doctors are ten percent responsible for your health. Remember that it is what you tell your doctor the doctor will use to diagnose you.
  1. Pray regularly for your health.Prevention is better than cure.
  1. Eat wrong and die young.
  1. Potbelly is a dangerous pregnancy that can only be delivered in the mortuary, not the labour room. Determine to work on your health.
  1. If you cannot see your belt, you are seeing the grave.
  1. If you fail to rest, you putting your life under arrest.

God instituted communion for 5 reasons.

  1. For restoration. Holy communion is a time for us to restore ourselves back to God, confessing sins we have committed when nobody saw us. The greatest sin of believers today is the unconfessed sin.
  1. For harmony of believers. If I can eat and fellowship with you, it means we are together and we are friends.
  1. For fellowship. A Christian that is not in fellowship with other Christians cannot grow. God allows people to meet so they can help and correct each other.
  1. For remembrance. 1 Corinthians 11:24. God wants you to remember He died for you to live.
  1. For thanksgiving.

The two instruments we use for communion are bread and wine. The bread represents the body of Christ, our healing, John 6: 51-56. So, each time you hold and eat the bread, you are commanding your healing. And the wine represents the blood of Jesus which is your understanding for the forgiveness of your sin. Psalm 103:3. Have a new understanding that the communion is for deliverance from sickness and sin.



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