“Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months.” James 5:17


One of the greatest instruments that God gave to mankind is to pray and get results.

Every religion engages in prayer. Prayer is an avenue to get answer from God. It is not enough to pray, we must get result. Children of God, the redeemed prayer should command result.



  1. UNCONFESSED SIN. Psalm 69:18;. Isaiah 59:1. Every Christian has a battle to fight against sin. Sin has power to hinder prayer. It is unfortunate these days to see people claiming that grace covers their sin while they continue to engage in unholy and ungodly acts.
  • Sin of omission: You are not doing what God commands you to do.
  • Sin of commission: This is transgressing the laws of God.
  • Sin of disobedience: You fail to obey divine instruction.

Devil takes advantage of unconfessed sins to hinder prayer.


  1. PRAYING AGAINST GOD’S WILL. Through prayer we enforce God’s will. It is through prayer we remind God of His promises. There are three levels of God’s will – Goodwill, Permissive will and perfect will. Prayer will be hindered when it is contrary to the will of God. We must pray according to His will. Your prayer must be scripture based and backed. Through God’s word, we discover His will. For your prayer to be answered, pray according to His will. Where has God placed you? What has He assigned you to do? Discover His will. The greatest mistake one can make in life is being where God does not want you to be.



  1. The word of God
  2. Inner witness
  3. Other believers’ witness.


  1. CONFLICTS IN MARRIAGE. Not living in peace with your spouse hinders prayer. I Peter 3:7. There are some couples today that are living in ‘pieces’, not in “peace”. We are designed differently and these differences bring misunderstanding and quarrel. We are to settle the conflicts quickly. Do not go before God in prayer until the conflict is settled so that your prayer will not be hindered. Conflict must be well managed in marriage so that your prayer will not be hindered.



  1. Gender differences
  2. Money problem


  1. FAITHLESS PRAYER. James 1: 6 -8

Don’t pray as if God will not answer you. When you pray believe that your request has been granted. Your prayer must be faith based.


  1. INABILITY TO PUSH. The results to some prayers have left heaven but forces of darkness are holding them from reaching you; that is why you must persist in prayer. That is each time you pray learn to push and be persistent.


Fervent and effective prayer is possible if you can deal with hindrances to prayer. As we embark on this 30 days fasting and prayer, search and purge yourself. It is your time to flourish. Happy flourishing 2017.

Nick Perry




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